Surgery FAQs

The information on this page is intended as a general guide only and may not apply to specific individual cases. It is subject to change without notice.

Where do I go for surgery?

Depending on the procedure and the anaesthesia option required, surgery is either performed in-chair at our clinic or at Colin Street Day Surgery in West Perth.

If general anaesthesia is required, surgery will be conducted at Colin Street Day Surgery.

Is in-chair surgery safe?

We assess each patient’s suitability for in-chair surgery before offering it as an option.

Your safety is paramount. Dr Henry Chan is qualified to perform surgery. Our nurses have the experience and training to assist in surgery. And we always engage a qualified anaesthetist to administer IV sedation and monitor your wellbeing throughout the procedure,

Our facilities and equipment sterilisation processes comply with the standards recommended by the Australian Dental Association (ADA), the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OHS), and the Centre for Disease Control (CDC).

How do I prepare for surgery?

See Preparing for Surgery

What do I need to do after surgery?

See Post Surgery Home Care

Why do you use Colin Street Day Surgery?

We use Colin Street Day Surgery because of their cost effectiveness (they don’t have additional charges for consumables for example), and the better all-round patient care that only a full surgical set up can provide. Your post-surgery recovery is also in a bed and monitored.

How do I contact Colin Street Day Surgery?

Tel:       (08) 9321 4256


Ground level
51 Colin Street
West Perth WA 6005


Will my health fund cover my theatre and anaesthesia fees?

Depending on your level of insurance cover, your health fund may fully cover your theatre and anaesthesia fees.

See Health Funds and Fees FAQ.