Comfortable Wisdom Teeth Removal in Perth

Getting our wisdom teeth removed is often an unavoidable rite of passage for many of us. Wisdom teeth extractions don’t have to be painful or difficult.

At South Street Dental, you can undergo in-chair wisdom teeth removal in Perth with a full range of anaesthesia options, including twilight sedation (sleep sedation.) By doing the procedure in-chair, you can organise a time that suits your schedule.

You can also elect to have your wisdom teeth removed under general anaesthesia. Most of the cost may be covered by your health fund; we can help you understand your entitlements.

How much does wisdom teeth removal cost in Perth?

Rarely are two procedures for wisdom teeth extraction the same. For this reason, the cost of wisdom teeth removal for our Perth clients can vary, depending on the complexity of the procedure. During your examination, your dentist will be able to assess the nature of your case and will be able to outline the cost of the treatment prior to extraction. If you opt to have wisdom teeth removal done under general anaesthesia in our day-surgery, full theatre fees may be covered by your private health fund. If you’d like to learn more, please contact us.

Wisdom Teeth Xray, Dennis van Zuijlekom, CC BY SA 2.0 via Flickr. Cropped.

Source: Dennis van Zuijlekom, CC BY SA 2.0 via Flickr. Cropped.

X-ray showing impacted wisdom teeth on both the top and bottom jaws. Wisdom teeth become impacted when there isn’t sufficient space for them to erupt properly.


  • In-chair convenience to suit your schedule.
  • Full range of anaesthesia options available including twilight (sleep) sedation.
  • Twilight sedation always administered by a fully qualified IV anaesthetist for your safety.
  • Option to use general anaesthesia for maximum comfort.
  • Support by a qualified surgical team at Colin Street Day Surgery if using the general anaesthesia option.


Most of us need to have some or all of our four wisdom teeth removed because our jaws don’t grow large enough to accommodate them.

Because of this lack of space, these back molars cannot erupt properly into our mouths, and can become impacted.

Impacted wisdom teeth can cause a range of problems including: damaging adjacent teeth (see image below), pushing your other teeth out of alignment, causing severe gum infections, headaches, jaw aches and ear aches.

Wisdom tooth causing dental caries

Source: Ian Furst Coronation Dental Specialty Group via Wikimedia Commons. CC BY SA 3.0

Need to Know

For your maximum safety, we always use a qualified IV anaesthetist to administer twilight sedation. The dentist should be 100% focused on the extraction while the anaesthetist monitors your wellbeing throughout the procedure.

A panoramic x-ray, also called an OPG (orthopantomogram),  is required for detail examination prior to extraction. This gives more detail than is possible with a standard dental x-ray.

Wisdom teeth extraction can be a more complex procedure than extracting a single tooth. As with all surgical procedures, there are risks and potential complications. To ensure you minimise any potential complications, make sure you use an experienced dentist.

Twilight Sedation

Twilight sedation is the use of IV (intravenous) drugs to induce a deeply-relaxed state.

Although you remain conscious of what is happening, you won’t actually be bothered by anything, nor will you remember anything afterwards.

Twilight sedation is not general anaesthesia and does not carry the same level of risk.

We engage a fully-qualified medical anaesthetist to administer the IV sedative and monitor your wellbeing throughout the entire procedure.

A milder alternative to twilight sedation is inhalation sedation. “Laughing gas” is used to induce a relaxed and sometimes euphoric state during the procedure.

Local anaesthetic will still be used.

General Anaesthesia

In some circumstances, we may recommend having your wisdom teeth extracted under general anaesthesia in a hospital.

You can also request this option for maximum comfort.

We use the friendly and excellent facilities at the Colin Street Day Surgery in West Perth.

You will be attended by qualified surgical team including an anaesthetist, theatre and recovery staff.

Our surgical procedures are carried out in Colin Street Day Surgery in West Perth.

Wisdom teeth extraction is often unavoidable for many people.
It doesn’t have to be inconvenient or uncomfortable.
We can help you choose the right treatment and pain management options for the extraction of your wisdom teeth in Perth.
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Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risk. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.