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Invisible Braces Perth

Benefits of Clear & Invisible Braces:

  • A discreet teeth straightening treatment option that caters to both simple and complex cases
  • Clear braces offer a more comfortable alternative to traditional braces
  • Removable and easy to clean, allowing you to keep your personal dental hygiene at its best
  • Safer on your teeth, with no risk of broken wires or brackets
  • See results at every stage of the Invisalign treatment

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Invisalign Braces Perth

Get the smile you deserve with invisible braces, Perth’s most popular and discreet alternative to traditional metal braces.

At South Street Dental, our modern orthodontic treatment, Invisalign, is the most advanced clear aligner system available on the West Australian market. Similar in cost to traditional braces and suitable for crooked, crowded or gapped teeth, Invisalign can also be used to fix overbites and underbites. This makes it the ideal teeth straightening treatment option for a range of people. You can smile with confidence knowing your invisible braces are aligning your teeth into a picture-perfect position!

How Invisalign Braces Works

At South Street Dental, we custom make a series of clear aligners to suit your mouth using 3D computer imaging technology. Fitting tightly against your teeth, our Invisalign aligners work as invisible braces, shifting your teeth slightly where needed in order to straighten them over time. Following the treatment plan mapped out by your dental expert, you will receive new clear aligners every 1-2 weeks to move your teeth progressively into position.


Invisalign Costs

As Invisalign has become exceedingly popular in Perth, WA, the costs involved are similar to traditional braces. We offer an initial examination to assess your needs, which is where we can provide you with a fully transparent cost for your ongoing treatment plan. During this process, we can perform an on-the-spot check using your health fund card, so you can determine any out-of-pocket expenses you may have.

Inman Aligner

For an alternative to Invisalign’s clear braces, Inman Aligners are an efficient, safe and great value substitute. The cost of Inman Aligners equates to nearly 40% less than the average cost that you would pay for Invisalign’s teeth straightening system. Also, unlike Invisalign, a smile solution takes around 6-18 weeks, which allows you to have a beautiful smile in no time! Inman Aligners originated from the UK and provide patients with a faster, cheaper alternative that can easily fit into your lifestyle with their simple to use removable retainer. As a convenient cosmetic dental treatment, Inman Aligners are a comfortable and suitable option for many individuals. Want to learn more? Simply contact South Street Dental today to book an initial consultation where we can determine the best system for your smile and budget.

Contact Us Today for Invisible Braces in Perth!

For affordable and trustworthy teeth straightening in Perth, rely on the team at South Street Dental. We’re committed to delivering confident and beautiful smiles without the use of metal. To learn more about the cost of Invisalign and if clear, invisible braces are suitable for you, book your consultation with the WA professionals today by calling 9337 7388.