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The cost of dental implant surgery when done correctly is not cheap. Dental implant surgery involves specialised practitioner skills, surgical procedures, the use of advanced biomedical technologies and not to mention the cost of the implants themselves which can vary greatly depending on the brand used.

The cost of dental implant surgery depends on several factors:

• Your overall and oral health will determine whether any prerequisite procedures are necessary before the actual dental implant surgery.
• The cost of an oral surgeon is dependent on the practitioner’s training, experience, and expertise. An oral surgeon can cost up to $1000* more than an implant dentist.
• The type and quantity of dental implants used.
• The dental implant brand and pedigree.
• Macro factors such as geographical location, local economy and where the surgery is performed.

How much does Dental Implant Surgery Cost?

When seeking quotes for dental implant treatment, your practitioner should advise you on the cost for both the surgical and prosthodontic components of the procedure; plus, a complete breakdown of the procedures and materials used for the dental implant treatment.

Practitioners who advertise for “cheap” dental implant surgery, are either unaware of all the facts or are providing one component of the surgery. Our resident dentist, Dr Chan has the training, expertise and experience to perform both the surgical and prosthodontic components of your dental implant. Dr Chan and his expert team will be able to provide you with an accurate quote on the cost of your dental implant.

* All fees and prices indicated are estimates only. The amount you pay may vary and will be subject to your health fund cover’s terms and conditions.

What Makes Up the Total Cost for Dental Implants?

Not all dental implants are made the same, there are more than 300 dental implant manufacturers today in countries like the USA, Sweden, China and Korea. The prices can vary greatly from manufacturer to manufacturer and not all dental implants are backed by clinical data. At South Street Dental, we proudly only use Australian made dental implants, which are of optimum quality and grade.

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