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The information on this page is intended as a general guide only and may not apply to specific individual cases. It is subject to change without notice.

Please be aware that is is your responsibility to thoroughly check your health fund disclaimers and claim thresholds. We cannot be responsible for the specific details of your insurance cover.

* All fees and prices indicated are estimates only. The amount you pay may vary and will be subject to your health fund cover’s terms and conditions.


How do I pay you?

Payment of fees are required on the day of treatment.

We accept payments by cash, EFTPOS, credit/debit VISA, and MasterCard.

Credit card transactions will appear in your statement as HC Management Pty Ltd.

What concession programmes do you participate in?

Medicare Child Benefit Scheme

An eligible concession holder can receive up to $1000* of cover over a 2 year period. You need a letter from Medicare to indicate your eligibility. Please notify us when you make an appointment.

Workers Compensation

Your first appointment will be an assessment of what needs to be done. We will then send a letter to the insurance company for their approval. Once treatment is approved, we will begin the work. You will need to provide all relevant paperwork – including workplace information, injury details and claim numbers – on your first visit.

Veteran’s Affairs (DVA)

Please present your DVA card. We need your card number to direct claims to the DVA (Department of Veteran’s Affairs.)

What is a gap payment?

Your health fund may not cover 100% of the fee for certain procedures and services.

The gap payment is the amount you have to pay to make up the difference between our fee and the amount covered by your health fund.

If our fee is $100*, and your health fund covers 60%, then the gap payment you have to make is $40*.

Can I use my superannuation to pay for treatment?

Early Release of Superannuation (ERS) applications allow you to use your superannuation to cover treatment costs.

Through our partner SuperCare, you can access this as an individual for your own treatment, a parent for your child, or a spouse for your partner.

There is a fee upon approval. Assessment typically takes 10-21 working days.

Find out more here.

What is your quoting process?

You initial examination will assess what needs to be done.

We will then provide a quote/ treatment plan tailored to your specific needs. We will discuss options, benefits and risks of your treatment plan.

Where at all possible, we provide itemised costings on our quotes for full transparency.

Using your health fund membership card, we can perform on-the-spot checks with Medibank , HBF , NIB, and GMF (using our HICAPS terminal) so you know how much you are covered for and what out-of-pocket expenses you can expect.

For health funds not on the HICAPS system, we can print out the item numbers of your treatment for you to take to your health fund, or if you wish to wait in reception, we can call your health fund on your behalf there and then.

We then make the necessary subsequent appointments with you.

Do you offer payment plans?

Payment of fees are required on the day of treatment.

If you are a suitable candidate, we can customise an interest free payment plan for you. This can help you manage your finances when engaging our implant, restoration and other intricate dental procedures.

We do not employ a lender or third party agent. There are no extra costs or hidden commissions.

We provide itemised costings for full transparency.

Which health funds are you registered with?

We are registered with HBF, HIF, Medibank, NIB, GMF and Bupa.

HICAPS available: Instant rebates are available form participating health funds on presentation of your health fund membership card.

How soon can I claim my health insurance rebate?

You can usually claim your rebate immediately upon presentation of your current health fund membership card.

What do health funds generally cover?

The following is general information only and may not apply to your specific situation:

  • Most health fund will cover 100% of the fee for cleaning once a year.
  • There is usually a gap payment for fillings and check-ups.
  • If you have cover for crowns and bridges, there will still be a gap payment.
  • Theatre and recovery fees for surgery are usually fully covered by your health fund.
  • Depending on the anaesthetist, there may be a gap payment.

Come in and see us (no appointment required) and we can find out what you are covered for.

How can you help me maximise my health fund entitlements?

We can help by sending you reminders to make sure you use all you entitlements.

Drop in with your health fund details and member card and we can check your cover for you; no appointment needed.

Do you have special offers for HBF members?

As an HBF Preferred Provider, all HBF members receive 1 free initial hygiene appointment (item number 114) per calendar year.

Note this offer is not applicable if you have gum disease and need surgical cleaning.

I am with HBF. Do I receive gap-free general dental?

If you are aged up to 25 and covered under your parents’ HBF policy – on the essentials or higher cover – you can receive 100% gap free general dental treatments such as: thorough examinations, adhesive restorations, mouth guards and wisdom teeth extractions.

Am I covered for OPG (orthopantomogram) x-rays?

An OPG (orthopantomogram) is a panoramic wide-angle dental x-ray needed for procedures like wisdom teeth extraction and dental implants.

We have the latest OPG machine in our clinic for your convenience. Private health fund members, depending on level of cover, can be entitled to a rebate of between 60%-80% of our fee.

Am I covered for in-chair twilight sedation (IV sedation)?

We have several qualified and experienced anaesthetists we use and their fees vary. Our anaesthetists provide will provide you with the appropriate receipts so you can claim a small rebate from Medicare.

I am attending Southbank Day Surgery for a procedure with general anaesthetic. What am I covered for?

Hospital cover is dependant on your health fund cover level and any the excess you have agreed to. Some patients will be fully covered and incur no out-of-pocket payments. Others may have to pay an excess; which generally ranges from $250- $500*.

Southbank Day Surgery hospital fees generally come to around $2500* for day surgeries. Any health fund cover amounts will go towards reducing these fees. The gap you need to pay is the remainder.

The anaesthetist we use at Southbank Day Surgery usually bill nil or minimal excess of around $100-$200*.

How much cover do I get for wisdom teeth extraction at Southbank Day Surgery?

The cost of wisdom teeth removal at Southbank Day surgery is around $3500*.

If you have “gap-free dental” cover AND “hospital cover with no excess,” your wisdom teeth extraction cost will be fully covered by your health fund. There will be nothing for you to pay.

If you have “gap-free dental” cover AND “hospital cover with agreed excess,” your wisdom teeth extraction cost, minus the agreed excess amount, will be covered by your health fund.