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I need to “grow” more bone before implant treatment, how do dentists rebuild bone?

Thanks to research and technology, bone regeneration for implant dentistry is a usual and routine procedure in oral surgery.

Understanding the principles of wound healing now allows for regeneration of bone to occur using a variety of techniques. Most include cutting through the gum to expose the bone and then augmenting the existing (insufficient) bone by adding bone grafting materials to it. Hence the name “bone grafting”.

Grafting materials include your own bone (sourced from a secondary site), cadaver bone, bovine bone, or synthetic bone. All of these grafting materials have been processed so that they are inert and certified safe for human use. Your body will then grow its own bone around the graft, eventually replacing volume.

Healing of the grafted material can be enhanced by using membranes which cover the grafts to promote and enhance healing.

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