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Smile for Life General Dentistry

The general dentistry services at our Fremantle dental clinic help you stay on top of your oral health. A healthy smile requires maintenance like regular cleanings, examinations, and reparative work.

Take charge of your oral health!

Whether you require general dentistry or dental implant treatment, the friendly team at South Street Dental Centre will keep you smiling. Contact us today!

General Dentistry

At our Fremantle clinic, you’ll find that our dentist employs specialist hygienists who are dedicated to regular professional cleaning.

Two pairs of eyes are better than one: your oral health is checked by both the hygienist and the dentist.


  • We offer the full range of general dentistry services in one location.
  • Our team has long-term, real-world experience. We don’t operate with a revolving door of new graduates.
  • We have multiple dentists on-site at any one time; which means you access their collective experience and expertise.
  • We use dedicated dental hygienists who are focus on cleaning as a specialisation.
  • Two sets of expert eyes are better than one: both the hygienist and dentist will check your teeth.

Need to Know

Experience counts. A team that has known and worked with each other for years will naturally provide better care and a more cohesive experience for you. Where your health is concerned, you want the left hand to know what the right hand is doing!

Dental surgeries that are staffed mostly by graduates may be more cost effective. But at what cost to your wellbeing?

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Professional Cleaning

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No matter how thorough you are at home with cleaning your teeth, or using the best electric brush and daily flossing, it is not completely enough.

Regular professional cleaning by a hygienist at our O’Connor dental surgery is necessary to remove what your toothbrush does not, such as calculus (tartar), plaque, and the calcium deposits from saliva then can lead to gum problems.

Once cleaned, your teeth are then polished. Fluoride and other treatments may also be applied.

Regular Check-ups

Xray example.

A check-up by our O’Connor dentist typically happens at the end of every professional cleaning appointment.

  • Your teeth are examined for decay and other anomalies.
  • Your gums are checked to maintain gingival health.
  • Previous reparative work or restorations are checked to ensure continual serviceability.
  • We look for indications of soft tissue pathology like oral cancers.
  • We examine your jaw joints for any temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders; which can manifest as trouble chewing, clicking noises when you open your mouth, and jaws that “stick” or “lock” open or close.

An x-ray may be needed from time to time.

Professional cleaning and check-ups at our O’Connor dental surgery are usually scheduled six-monthly.


If there is minor decay or damage to a tooth, a filling may be required.

Fillings can usually be fitted in a single appointment with local (topical) anaesthetic.

We generally use the “white” composite fillings instead of silver amalgam.


When a tooth is damaged beyond repair, it will need to be extracted. Extraction happens under local anaesthetic and can be done in a single appointment by our experienced dentist in Fremantle, WA.

Extractions can also precede other procedures like dental implants, dental bridges and orthodontics.

We also do wisdom teeth extractions at our Fremantle dental clinic.

Root Canal Treatment

If you have a severe toothache, with sensitivity to hot and cold, and an abscess on your gum, the living part of your tooth may be damaged.

A root canal treatment removes the damaged tissue inside the tooth and seals it with a crown.

Thanks to our in-house CEREC technology, a root canal treatment with a crown can take just two visits to our O’Connor dental surgery, compared to the usual five.

See Crowns and Bridges for more information.

Mouth Guards

Dental splints and mouth guards can be custom maid for your jaw to relieve the pain caused by teeth grinding and jaw clenching.

You sleep with these in to condition your body to stop the unwanted actions.

Mouthguards are also essential in many types of sports.

The procedure involves taking an impression of your teeth. An external lab will then make the guard or splint from this impression.

Teeth Grinding and Jaw Clenching

Tempromandibular joint (TMJ) disorders are more common than you may realise. The common ones are teeth grinding and jaw clenching. They can lead to chipped, worn or cracked teeth, headaches and sleep disturbances.

Dental splints can be custom-fitted by our dentist in Fremantle and worn in your mouth when you sleep. They work to protect your teeth from damage and also to gently recondition your body to stop these unwanted actions.

There are different types of splints and mouth guards. Book a visit to our O’Connor clinic and our dentist can best advise you on the most appropriate choice.