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Yes – reputable brands, that are backed up with research and product warranties. There are over 2000 dental implant manufacturers today, but only a few have the research and statistics to back their product. All of these companies comply with the basic manufacturing rules in order to get the license to be sold.

The following mentioned brands are amongst a few that have proven themselves in countless, documented trials.
Nobel Biocare + Branemark. Of course, Professor Branemark is the “father” of modern dental implants. Nobel Biocare has since acquired the Branemark company, and still includes the Branemark concept in its range.

AstraTech – The first company with a documented research record. Originally branching from a pharmaceutical company, AstraTech documented everything the same way, just as if it were pharmaceuticals. (No other dental implant manufacturer did this at first!) AstraTech has the longest research record of any company.
Ankylos is one of the most well-researched system with a very high reputation.
Straumann / ITI is a system from Switzerland. ITI stands for International Team for Implantology. This is a group of top dentists who banded together to agree on set standards for dental implants. This group is still active, and has a very close association with Straumann.


Because you are unique, the implant ecosystem is much more complex than the simple question of best brand:

  • How can I be sure that implants are needed? What’s the basis for your diagnosis?
  • How much experience with implantology have you had?
  • Do  I have enough jawbone?
  • What kind of life can I expect for the types of implants recommended for me?
  • Do I need a 3D cone beam X-ray, why?
  • If my case is challenging, could you refer me for a second opinion?

Finding out the types of implant platform/systems with which the dentist has experience is much more important than the brand of the actual implant. During surgery, the dentist needs wide latitude of tools, implants, caps, abutments, supporting parts etc. Sometimes, the best solution calls for cross-platform tools. A dentist who has been broadly trained is in the best position to make tactical decisions during surgery. One size does not fit all.

An experienced dentist will be able to educate and explain (without smoke and mirrors) their reasoning for the implant that will best suit your situation.

For example, dentist might point to your x-rays/3D imaging and show you that “your sinus floor calls for a short, wide implant at x angle with a custom abutment, which is offered by the Nobel Replace Select platform – Otherwise a sinus lift and bone graft will allow us to use the Straumann platform. The second option has worked extremely well with other patients with similar sinus floors and bone depth.” They should be able to expand on the pros and cons (and cost) between the two systems.

Of course, here at SSDC, we do use the most reputable brands as mentioned above. Any discerning implantologist will choose to work with the best.

No two patients have exactly the same diagnosis. Your situation is unique to you, so demand a thorough explanation. The deciding factor for implant success ultimately remain in the experience of the practitioner. In the hands of a skilled dentist, the vast majority of implant brands have an excellent prognosis. But no “best” implant brand will save the inexperienced doctor from failures.