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There are so many pros going for dental implants, but most people find it hard to see past the cost.

Sure prices do vary, depending on what type of implant is required, size, quality and sometimes even how desperate the dentist is to get you in through their door. There may be offers of “quick fixes”, “cheap” “two for one” (oh dear), plus an assortment of other “free” services.

Though what goes into the cost of each implant is covered in our website and our publication, here’s another way to determine if implants are really worth it.

Consider an excellent, clinically researched and warrantied German brand of implant. If its placement executed by an experienced dentist costs $5500 (not a quote), is maintained well, and last 30 years (10,956 days), the daily cost of that implant equates to 50 cents a day, or less than a cup of coffee a week. And that’s top-of-the-range stuff. Now that’s an investment.

Isn’t it worth 50 cents to be able to eat well, talk properly, look and feel good? (That one cup of coffee you pass up per week is one less cup with which to stain your teeth anyway. Win!)